Receipt Bank

We are partnering with Receipt Bank to aid bookkeeping. It keeps an electronic record of your receipts and invoices. We can help get this set up and manage the cost of the service.


These are our preferred accounting software package. It’s an online based accounting software which can be accessed from anyway and promotes paperless administration of your business. We provide a subscription with most of our service packages.

Practice Ignition

We have partnered with Practice Ignition to streamline the engagement process. There is a lot of potential pitfalls with engagement of a professional service, one of these should not be pointless paperwork. In our mission to go paperless we use Practice Ignition for our engagement process.


To get the most out of your financial information a way of seeing management reports and forecasts in a digestable format is essential.

Futurli aids this process with providing visual aids of financial data and allows sharing of information from any online user. Important for those important investment meetings. Transparency is attractive for investors!

About Brian

Brian Braiden - Chartered Accountants in Brighton

Braiden Accounts was started by Brian Braiden FCA in 2012. Brian qualified as an accountant in 2002 with a five partner firm in his hometown of Harrow. Looking to use his qualification to further his professional knowledge and life experiences he moved to Bermuda with KPMG. After two years abroad he returned to England and worked in the city in financial services with a Re-insurance company.

Working for a company rather than an accountancy firm was influential in Brian’s understanding of the needs of a business owner. He has now gone back to his roots and is helping small business achieve success in whatever guise they see that to be.


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